Manufacturing Management

Whether you’re manufacturing widgets or large-scale products, you have a process that must be followed, and a lot of systems in place to coordinate production. This process helps you ensure quality, consistency and on-time delivery. However, if you’re business systems aren’t connected, you’re not operating with optimal performance. We’ll architect a solution that bridges the gap between your business functions so you improve productivity, reduce mistakes and deliver your product more consistently.

Supply Chain Management

You’re an important part of the supply chain, especially if you have to produce items for “just in time” delivery. We’ll help you create a system that coordinates the flow of production from vendors to manufacturers and from distributers to retailers.

We work with you to construct a strategy that ensures you have the necessary:

      ·        Materials

      ·        Information

      ·        Financial Resources

With effective supply chain management, you’ll be able to reduce your inventory and ensure your product gets to your customers when it’s needed.

Inventory Management

Keeping up with your inventory is critical… but you might also have to keep up with inventory from your suppliers. Not to mention that you’re constantly performing a balancing act with what you have in stock versus what you need – or might need.

The right business application will help you:

      ·        Keep track of your inventory

      ·        See how often your inventory turns

      ·        Plan for stocking

      ·        Identify trends

Relationship Management

In manufacturing, you have to manage information for your suppliers, as well as for your customers. But wouldn’t your business run even better if you could connect this information to your accounting system? We’ll create a solution that interfaces CRM with accounting so you can manage sales, purchasing and front office communication with ease.

Contact us today to find out how we can help transform your business.

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