It is my pleasure to recommend Stephen Noe as a Microsoft Certified CRM Professional and consultant. Steve is an experienced professional who provided tremendous guidance and expertise on our architectural design, business process analysis, .Net development and data migration. Steve is passionate about his work and solving clients' problems. He is creative and innovative and enthusiastically tackles challenges. Steve is dedicated to providing quality work. His energy is limitless and his enthusiasm serves to motivate others on the team. I am confident that Steve can meet any challenge that you put before him and believe you will be pleased if you choose to work with him.

-Mary Post, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, The American Board of Anesthesiology


My team and I have worked closely with Steve and his team in a customized xRM implementation to support our core business needs. Steve has been instrumental in a number of roles, from architect to resource management to implementation specialist. In every function, Steve has been focused on the success of our project and the team. I highly recommend Business IT Professionals and Steve Noe.

-David Pinaula, Director of Information Technology, The American Board of Anesthesiology


Our organization needed to build a new enterprise information system to replace an aging legacy system that was outdated and performed badly. We knew we wanted to base the new system on CRM, as our customers were very important to us, and Steve's company were recognized experts in the field. Steve came in to help us build the new system but first had to learn our extremely complex business rules, history, and culture. Steve and his team did a great job and fit in well with our internal software development team. I would definitely recommend Steve again on a similar project.

-Michael Eason, Chief Information Officer, The American Board of Anesthesiology


I had to reinstall CRM, and thanks to your wonderful class I was successfully able to make that happen. I actually used the Deployment and Installation book to help reinstall. I had many hurdles along the way but got through them and won.

-Jeff Landry, Biz IT Pro Bootcamp Student


I took the Apps exam the week after I attended a Biz IT Pro bootcamp. The classes were instrumental in my passing the Applications test. The instructors in all the classes were professional and were experts in CRM. They use CRM, and they provided the insights and experience needed to pass the test the 1st time. Two weeks later, I took the Customization and Configuration and then the Installation tests. Biz IT Pro gave me the confidence to take the tests almost immediately after attending classes. I passed all tests on the 1st try.  They are a top notch organization and the best I have found with CRM.

-Mike Morrison, Biz IT Pro Bootcamp Student


The c360 team was very impressed with Biz IT Pro’s training program and willingness to work within our weekend timeframes. The training accomplished all of the desired objectives for the group, and we are confident that we can apply what was learned to better support our customers going forward. 

-Chris Wolfe: VP and General Manager, c360


The project, a particularly complicated upgrade and rewrite of our existing software into Dynamic s CRM, went smoothly – better than I had expected due to our many complicated data feeds. Biz IT Pro helped us plan every detail and made sure it was working perfectly. The project was delivered on time and within the expected budget. What a difference over our previous provider. You can be sure I will recommend them to anyone needing Dynamics CRM.

-Ellen Varelas: CEO, LectureLinx


I am a developer and the senior support for my organization’s CRM for the past 10 years. Earlier this year, we decided to commit to the Microsoft CRM with the newest release. We needed in-depth training on creating a system that could do everything we had at the time, plus all of our new requirements.

After searching for the “right” training organization across the United States, I attended a 10 day CRM Bootcamp from Biz IT Pro, and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. In the past, I’ve taken classes where the instruction focused on passing the Microsoft exam. This training was nothing like that. Each trainer brought their own real world experience. They took time to ensure the material was understood, held my attention for 10 or more hours each day, and were a pleasure to learn from. You could tell they had as much passion and excitement about the possibilities as the students. They were also able to answer questions not in the book, and relate the material to the students. They provided excellent tips and tricks and resources for information. This is an excellent training group! Anyone interested in learning more about Dynamics CRM, from an end user to a developer, will benefit from and enjoy these classes.

-Chris Schur: Manager of IT Data Team, Education Sales Management, Inc.


We were literally bursting at the seams with our previous solution. Biz IT Pro presented their vision of replacing the old system with Dynamics CRM, then building in additional improvements over time. We engaged Biz IT Pro, who then implemented Dynamics CRM, migrated all of our data and trained our staff to use the new system. Our new CRM solution has helped up realize our goals and solved a number of issues. Since that time, we have used Biz IT Pro to upgrade us and to implement workflows & enhancements to streamline our internal processes. We look forward to a long term relationship with Biz IT Pro as our CRM solution provider.

-Forrest Knowles: President, Qualified Retirement Plan Systems


Business I.T. Professionals, Inc. brought a fresh approach to learning that allowed PrePass to expose the untapped potential of our greatest asset, the team. Our team was impressed with the instructors’ knowledge and expertise as well as the practical application exercises. PrePass has already seen an incredible return on investment in terms of productivity and confidence.

I would highly recommend Business I.T. Professionals, Inc. to any organization seeking the ultimate learning experience.

-Cathi Chinn: Program Management Director, ACS Transportation Solutions, PrePass


We were looking for a solution to replace our Customer Relationship Management system. Biz IT Pro was able to demonstrate that Microsoft Dynamics CRM would not only handle our CRM needs, but could also be customized to keep all of our business process data, as well. We implemented MS CRM and have had Biz IT Pro perform a number of customizations designed to track our brokerage listings and buyers. The system has allowed us to improve our processes and ensure that our trademarked process happens every time.

-Graham Crisipin, BE MBA: Regional Director and President of Murphy Business & Financial, NC Corporation


Biz IT Pro came to our assistance just in time. We had implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but our sales people didn’t understand how to use our new solution. Biz IT Pro literally saved the day by giving us the design, implementation and education we needed to use our CRM solution efficiently and productively.

-Azam Abuzar: Senior Director of Corporate Systems, SourceMedia


We here at Digicel were very impressed with Biz IT Pro’s approach and how they were more than happy to take the care to research any questions we had regarding the solution we are striving for. We were recently voted best customer care provider of any company in TT and the introduction of Microsoft CRM will increase our distance from our competitors.

Biz IT Pro has listened to us and helped us find our CRM path, and we will definitely utilize them in the future to aid our staff in meeting technical goals for our CRM projects.

-Colman Clifford: IT Project Manager, Digicel


Biz IT Pro’s understanding of both the technical and sales mindset is unique in my experience with trainers. Their ability to translate intimidating hypothetical instructions so they make sense to even the most technophobic of end users will be the difference in the successful implementation of our CRM system. Their enthusiasm for the material makes being taught by them a pleasure. I have enjoyed our working relationship and look forward to continuing in the future.

-Tim Reifschneider: Associate Publisher, The Mortgage Group

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